Coronavirus Update – 02/03/2020

Hurley 31 Statement Regarding Corona Virus – COVID – 19

Paddling Friends,

Over the last few weeks, the situation around the Corona Virus has become more and more worrying. This morning in a response to these concerns the UK Government called a Cobra meeting and subsequently the Prime Minister has issued a statement saying the virus is ‘likely to become more significant’ in the UK. 

As a more significant outbreak happens the UK GOV’s plans will mean closure of large public events, schools and transport hubs. 

Our concerns with H31 are that we will be affected and have to cancel at short notice. Given the way this is escalating that is a very distinct possibility. 

Looking at all the evidence, we also recognise that to bring people together will create extra risk of contagion. That said at this time it is so unclear whether it would be right to postpone on that basis with the UK PM telling us to ‘go about business as usual’.  

It is all very unclear; however, the financial concern is much more certain. 

The event has significant costs and the closer we get towards it the more we need to commit to those costs. With the PM stating it is ‘looking likely’ that a significant outbreak will occur here in the UK, that financial risk is too high. 

After all these considerations, sadly I need to announce that we will postpone Hurley 31 from March 21 and 22, 2020. We will release new dates possibly for November in the coming weeks. 

By acting now, we can issue full refunds to those who have paid. These will be processed over the coming 7 – 14 days.

Thank you for your understanding and support in this matter. 

My best

Andrew F Jackson – Event Director       

H31 Team